Bavarian Demon Flybarless System RIGID V.2


3-Axis Flybarless System RIGID V.2

The power of an innovative flybarless system.

The RIGID V.2 is equipped with a 3-axis flybarless function on a scale and beginner level, with "autopilot" func-tion, automatic stabilisation of all horizontal control movements including the tail-piece, fail-safe function, au-totrim function, integrated swashplate mixer, virtual swashplate rotations and the RIGID mode which ensures the stabilisation of flybarless rotor heads. The best feature however, is presumably the globally unique integrated sensor camera for active position holding. It achieves state-of-the-art performance in all areas.

3-axis stabilization system with autopilot function

Even more power behind each feature.
Ideal for beginners.

Sensing the position holding close to the ground works much more precisely than using GPS, whereby move-ments are measured more precisely and controlled. Furthermore, in comparison to GPS it also works in narrow construction, near trees and indoors provided that the light and contrast conditions are adequate. The horizon-tal and position modes can be switched on or off via a separate remote control channel for more flexibility and support of the short 3D manoeuvres. The effective linearisation of the servo movements compensates the an-gular displacement of H4-linkage and precisely and reliably stabilises the RE helicopters. Helicopter models with a flybarless (rigid) head are more flexible, require fewer parts and motor energy and have approx. 15% more power than a RC helicopter with flybar.

Scope of delivery & gadgets.
Designed and manufactured in Bavaria (Germany)

RIGID V.2 is completely developed and assembled in Germany. The bavarianDEMON designers and engineers use their many years of experience as RC pilots and the innovations in the sensor technology sector. This results in a product which has been perfectly manufactured and suitable for use on the airfield. The complete package of the RIGID V." flybarless systems includes the sensor unit plus mounting pads, RC module and a USB cable. Operating instructions and PC software are available for download under the "Service" heading at Software / Firmware and Manuals / Data Sheets.

  • Sensor unit including mounting pads
  • RC module
  • USB cable
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